Tech Lab

An Akron coworking space for freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses. Where cool people who are doing interesting things work to become more productive and get connected.

A Beautifuly Productive Place to Work

Our coworking space is a comfortable, inspiring place to work.

You’ll Love it Here!

We like to think we’ve built the coolest coworking space in Akron, but it’s better if you hear it from our members.

Nice, clean space to get away from the distractions of my home office (aka pets!). They also have some amenities like phone booths, local coffee, and a standing desk that are nice little touches. Great, local space to be productive and to meet like-minded people to network and connect with. Can’t say enough about my experience working here throughout the week.


OSC Tech Lab has been a Godsend in escaping the hamster wheel of working from home. I’ve worked out of the house for 10 years, helping build a tech company, then launching my own business. Love the commute to downtown, easy/cheap parking, and modern amenities. Was so geeked to find this existed in Akron, and has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business in a while.


Everyone who works from home knows how tough some days can be. The Tech Lab provides a comfortable and welcoming place to post up for the day and get some work done. More importantly, Nick and company have taken strides to build and foster a community of amazingly talented people. If you’re thinking of checking this place out, stop wondering and just go. You’ll be glad you did!


We’re trusted by everyone from small business owners to remote workers from some of the worlds largest companies, including:

Our Guiding Tenets

These three principals guide how we designed our coworking space. Getting these right has been our focus for over five years. This resulted in the ideal space for members to thrive.


Coworking should be effortlessly enjoyable

We’ve worked hard to make coworking seamless: signing up, finding the space, using the amenities, grabbing lunch. We’ve thought of everything to make your day easier, even down to finding an after-work cocktail.


Coworking should increase productivity

At the very least, a coworking space should minimize distractions. Our space is designed to improve your productivity. Our favorite compliment is: “I’ve gotten more done here today, than in a week anywhere else.”


Coworking should be socially engaging

Many of us join a coworking space to get connected. We’ve fostered a community of remote workers who are excited to share what they’re working on and help one another succeed.

Sometimes People Write About Us

Coworking has been a hot topic lately and the cool stuff we do here has been noticed a few times.

Coworking Plans That Fit Your Workstyle

Some coworking members like to work late, some early, some only need a spot a few days a month, others need a new home base. We have an option for everyone.

Focus On Being Awesome, We’ll Handle the Rest

We’ve filled our coworking space with everything you need to be hyper-productive. From private phone booths, to conference rooms, to fiber internet, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also built a great community of local creatives who are happy to help one another.


100x100 Mbps Redudant Fiber Internet

No more spotty wifi for you! All members have access to redundant enterprise-class wifi from two fiber ISPs.


Admin Support

We’re here every day. We’ll make sure you’re up and running on the wifi, printer, and various coffee machines at the space.


Free Coffee & Tea

Enjoy locally roasted, single origin coffee, filtered water, and relaxing loose leaf tea for you and your guests.


Relaxing Lounge Area

Ever have one of those days where you just need to unplug for a minutes? Well feel free to chill in our lounge as much as you’d like.


Printing/Scanning + Office Supplies

Your membership includes access to the printer/scanner along with various office supplies.


Presentation & Meeting Facilities

The conference room can be reserved for presentations and includes access to a projector, white board, laser pointer, and refreshments for your guests.


Standing Desks

Sick of sitting all day? Get some work done at our custom standing desks. Complete with anti-fatigue mats, easily accessible power, and monitors.


Natural Light