Cowork without compromise

At The Tech Lab

We’ve delivered a high-quality coworking experience in Akron for over 5 years! Our space is designed for productivity, it fosters connections between members, and it’s located perfectly close to everything cool in downtown Akron.

Designed for productivity

Tech Lab members are more productive.

Since the team has been meeting in the Akron office I have seen productivity rise, software release cycles move smoother, and more camaraderie between the team. For the price we pay I have received 10 fold return with this opportunity.


I am able to better separate work and home life. I can more easily get into two different frames of mind. I can focus better because there are no distractions, and the fact that I don’t work at the same company as other people actually helps keep me focused because you don’t have any work chat stuff.


Good space for concentration away from my home office, with awesome people to meet and interact with. Being a work-from-home creativepreneur, it’s made all the difference in my life to create a clear boundary between work and home.


The best internet in town (2x)

We’ve taken every precaution to ensure that when you’re here, you’re able to be hyper-productive. Part of this is our rock-solid internet. We’ve contracted with two fiber internet service providers to provide the space with redundant wifi. So even if a backhoe hits one of them, you’ll still be able to get stuff done!


Throughout our space, you’ll find little touches that make it just a bit easier to get stuff done. When you combine all these micro-boosters, you get the Tech Lab. A place to do your best work.


All our work areas have both USB and power outlets to keep you charged up.


We use a ton of natural lighting for the space which research shows makes you happier and more productive.


All members have access to acoustically designed phone booths that cut down on background noise.


We take our caffeine seriously! All our coffee is locally roasted, single origin, and is delivered bi-weekly, right after it’s roasted so it’s the freshest, tastiest java possible.


Even the ergonomically designed chairs were selected because they help members do more.

Meet cool people doing interesting work

One of the biggest benefits of joining a coworking space is the people you meet. We’ve had a ton of people meet future cofounders, employees, and friends through the space. We’ll help get you introduced to everyone and there are a bunch of ways for you to connect.

The Perfect Location To Cowork in Akron

We’re in the heart of downtown Akron in the historic AC&Y building.

At the Tech Lab, you’re in the heart of downtown Akron. You’re walking distance to just about everything going on. From restaurants and bars, to Rubber Ducks baseball games, to festivals and concerts, we’re near it all.

With over 50 restaurants and bars within walking distance, you won’t need to go far to find something great!

With 3 city lots and a ton of on-street parking getting here and finding a spot is a cinch. There’s even an app that makes parking near the Tech Lab incredibly easy.

Schedule a tour

Were available for tours Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

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