Meet Jon

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What do you do for work?

Web development and consulting at Coffee and Code. Building web applications, teaching other developers, and helping solve problems.

What do you like to do to relax/unwind?

Play video games, hang out with friends, long walks on the beach.

What's your superpower?

Ability to deliver quick, straight-to-the-point answers to questions nobody asked.

What made you look for a coworking space?

I wanted to be around other people in a professional space, but in similar enough industries that we could collaborate and communicate.

How have you benefited from being in a coworking space?

The sense of comradery is exactly what I was looking for in a working environment. I get to have a collection of people I can converse with and have intellectual (and non-intellectual) conversations with.

What's your favorite thing about being a Tech Lab member?

Being able to support a place that gives back to the community. The TechLab has had open arms to many local tech groups, for their members and to host meetings and meetups.

What's your opinion on Mr. Bean?

Slightly worried that his creepiness factor has diminished.

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